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Entrepreneur Insider Entrepreneur Insider Video of the Week: 'Reinventing You' as an Entrepreneur Watch this free Entrepreneur Insider session with marketing strategist and author Dorie Clark, who offers advice for shifting to an entrepreneurial mindset. They will tell you what they want they want to buy from you. Business Growth The Trick to Achieving Rapid Growth The secret is to identify impending 'surges,' or shifts in customer behavior and adapt quickly. Selling How to Launch a Product That Sells Determining whether the product is a fit for you personally, and then whether it matches your audience's needs will save any entrepreneur time, money and heartache.

Self Improvement How to Ask Yourself Better Questions in the New Year You need to look at your -- what worked particularly well or badly, what surprised you and what annoyed or delighted you -- in order to create a brighter Innovation How to Think Like an Innovator When you tap into different skills, experiences, or aspects of your background that others don't share, it opens up new perspectives.

Motivation How to Get Luckier in Business and Life By adopting an attitude of curiosity and humility, entrepreneurs can stack the odds in their favor that their interactions with diverse people will pay off over time. Podcasts How to Earn Six Figures From a Virtual Summit For entrepreneurs who want to connect with leaders in their field, grow their email list and potentially earn serious revenue, virtual summits are a powerful tool to explore. Success Strategies What Entrepreneurs Should Do First Thing in the Morning It may be hard to believe that less than five minutes can impact the entire course of your day but new research shows that happiness, and the productivity that comes along with it, may be easier to attain than we think.The richest Americans, including U.

Following the name is theplace of residence and estimated net worth in dollars. Where more than one name is listed under a number, there is a tie. Gates, William H. Buffett, Warren Edward, Omaha, Neb. Ellison, Lawrence Joseph, Atherton, Calif. Walton, Helen R. Walton, Jim C. Walton, S. Robson, Bentonville, Ark. Walton, Alice L. Walton, John T.

Ballmer, Steven Anthony, Redmond, Wash. Kluge, John Werner, Charlottesville, Va. Redstone, Sumner M. Anschutz, Philip F. Mars, Jacqueline Badger, Bedminster, N. Mars, Forrest Edward, Jr. Mars, John Franklyn, Arlington, Va. Soros, George, Bedford, N. Bronfman, Edgar M. Turner, Robert E. Pritzker, Thomas J. Broad, Eli, Brentwood, Calif. Moore, Gordon Earle, Woodside, Calif. Newhouse, Samuel Irving, Jr.

Knight, Philip H. Omidyar, Pierre M. Arison, Micky, Bal Harbor, Fla. Goodnight, James, Cary, N. Davis, Marvin H. Johnson, Samuel Curtis, Racine, Wis. Bren, Donald L. Schwab, Charles R. Warner, H. Annenberg, Walter Hubert, Wynewood, Pa. Geffen, David, Malibu, Calif. Bechtel, Riley P. Bechtel, Stephen Davison, Jr.InDorie Clark was working as a political reporter. It was her first job out of grad school. One day the director of human resources called her into his office.

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Today, Clark is a marketing strategist, an adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, and the author of multiple books, the most recent of which is "Entrepreneurial You. On an episode of The Art of Charm podcastClark explained the value of diversifying your income streams and professional pursuits, so that should you meet a fate like she did inyou won't be devastated.

Everybody knows that's a bad idea. You need to diversify there. It can be very risky. I've really come to believe, and have done a lot of research over the years, that one of the best ways that we can create real, legitimate professional stability for ourselves is by choosing to cultivate multiple income streams.

In the book, Clark writes that she currently earns a living from seven sources: writing books, speaking, teaching at a business school, consulting, executive coaching, running online courses, and generating affiliate income through her email list. On the podcast, Clark shared another story that illustrates the power of diversifying your career, drawn from "Entrepreneurial You. His boss found out and was impressed, and gave him the chance to head up social media for the hospital.

Achan accepted the opportunity and performed so well that he subsequently became the head of communications at Mount Sinai. Leonardo da Vinci is another example of someone who was a " wide achiever ," in the words of Roman Krznaric, author of " How to Find Fulfilling Work.

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Krznaric says that in light of decreasing job security today, spreading yourself among several different jobs, as da Vinci did, is probably a smart thing to do. Blake said when she was starting to build her speaking business, she relied on one-on-one coaching sessions to provide "bridge income. Clark offers a free online assessment to see how you can start diversifying your income and career.Inshe charted with " The Little Shoemaker " — the first of her big UK hits — and within two years, began recording in French.

Hits in GermanItalianand Spanish followed. In lateClark's global success extended to America with a four-year run of career-defining, often upbeat, singles, many written or co-written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent. Clark has sold more than 68 million records. Both of Clark's parents were nurses there at Long Grove Hospital.

Clark's mother had Welsh ancestry, and her father was English.

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Young Sally's stage name of "Petula" was invented by her father; he joked it was a combination of the names of two former girlfriends, Pet and Ulla. During the Second World WarClark lived with her sister at the home of their grandparents in Abercanaidnear Merthyr Tydfil[ citation needed ] in a small stone house with no electricity, no running water, and a toilet at the bottom of the garden.

Her grandfather was a coal miner. Later, when she was eight, she joined other children to record messages with the BBC to be broadcast to their family members in the forces. The recording event was in the Criterion Theatre, an underground theatre that was safe. When the air-raid siren went off, other children were upset and a call went out for someone to step forward and sing to calm them. Petula volunteered, and they liked her voice so much, in the control room they recorded her.

Her song was "Mighty Rose". As a child, Clark sang in the chapel choir and showed a talent for mimicryimpersonating Vera LynnCarmen Mirandaand Sophie Tucker for her family and friends.

Entrepreneurial You - Dorie Clark - Talks at Google

I wanted to be Ingrid Bergman more than anything else in the world. From a chance beginning at age seven, Clark appeared on radio, film, print, television and recordings by the time she turned In Octobernine-year-old Clark made her radio debut while attending a BBC broadcast with her father.

She was there trying to send a message to an uncle stationed overseas, but the broadcast was delayed by an air raid.

During the bombing, the producer requested that someone perform to settle the jittery theatre audience, and she volunteered a rendering of " Mighty Lak' a Rose " to an enthusiastic response. She then repeated her performance for the broadcast audience, launching a series of some appearances in programmes designed to entertain the troops.

Clark also became known as "Britain's Shirley Temple ", [10] and was considered a mascot by the British Armywhose troops plastered her photos on their tanks for good luck as they advanced into battle.

While performing at London's Royal Albert Hall inClark was discovered by film director Maurice Elveywho cast her, at age 12, as precocious orphaned waif Irma in his weepy war drama Medal for the General.

InClark launched her television career with an appearance on a BBC variety show, Cabaret Cartoonswhich led to her being signed to host her own afternoon series, titled simply Petula Clark. Pet's Parlour followed in The two collaborated musically and were linked romantically over the coming decade. InHenderson introduced Clark to record producer Alan A. Freemanwho together with her father Leslie, formed Polygon Records for which she recorded her earliest hits.

As neither EMI nor Decca were keen to sign her to a long-term contract, her father, whose own theatrical ambitions had been thwarted by his parents, teamed with Freeman to form the Polygon record label to promote her singing career. This effectively signed Clark to the Pye label in the UK, for whom she would record for the remainder of the s, throughout the s, and the early s.

During this period, Clark showed a keen interest for encouraging new talent. InClark was invited to appear at the Paris Olympiawhere despite her misgivings and a bad cold, she was received with acclaim.

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The following day, she was invited to the office of Vogue Records to discuss a contract. There, she met her future longtime publicist, collaborator, and husband, Claude Wolff. Clark was attracted immediately, and when she was told that she would work with him if she signed with the Vogue label, she agreed.We had the honor of Dorie speaking a couple times to the IBM Communications team — on the topic of personal and professional reinvention.

Not only has she intellectually challenged each of us, she created a solid foundation for action and for individual and team improvement. We would highly recommend her to others! She gave our employees useful tools to build their brand throughout their career and did it in a fun way. She offered tangible ideas on how to think about career development, personal branding, and bringing your authentic self to the workplace. My team absolutely adored Dorie and was highly engaged and grateful to have such a dynamic and relatable speaker.

Dorie's effective delivery style and solid command of her book's message on creating and marketing one's personal brand was highly engaging. She has helped talented people overcome barriers of indifference to find lives of purpose that they love. Not every author or thought leader practices what they preach, but Dorie's recommendations are that much more valuable because they are informed by her own experiences, pivots, and learning.

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Your next leadership meeting, offsite, or conference would be better with Dorie involved — it's that simple. As seen in. Dorie's speaker preview. Talks Google — Stand Out. Speaking Testimonials.Business and professional development author Dorie Clark provides an incredible amount of value per page. And she manages to do it with an incredibly kind, honest and genuine approach.

dorie clark net worth

Her success didn't happen overnight -- she speaks openly about the challenges she encountered early in her career, back when she would rarely get a response from editors at various publications. It wasn't until a moment of serendipity hit while selling her bike on Craigslist that she got her big break.

dorie clark net worth

The woman who bought her bike worked at the Harvard Business Review, learned that Clark was a business consultant, and eventually introduced her to an HBR editor. In Stand Out, she wrote, "Whatever your cause, perspective, or point of view, the world can't afford for the best ideas to remain buried inside you. The inspiring writer tells us about her passion, her philosophy for successand, of course, her year plan to write and produce Broadway musical.

I have nine different income streams, so you could say I'm a professional speaker or a business school professor or an author or a consultant or an executive coach and so on.

The way that I like to think about it is that they're all spokes around a central hub of sharing ideas about how to improve business and careers. For a long time, there can absolutely be no perceptible positive change, so you have to make your own metrics in order to keep yourself motivated.

The success of an individual entrepreneur is really similar to the trajectory of the creation of something like 3D printing or artificial intelligence.

Petula Clark

Growth is almost invisible to the naked eye, and then all of a sudden you can shoot forward because you've been making progress underneath the surface. But now I have multiple online courses, and I think that it's ready to be scaled.

Working with people and watching them succeed is so gratifying. I got a message from a woman who took my Recognized Expert course a year ago. After taking the course, she decided to reach out to her business school professor, and the two of them collaborated on a case study together. It has been presented at a major business school, and she's just so happy and so proud.

I find that amazing. I've really committed myself to it, and I have never done this before. My ultimate goal is to write a Broadway musical.

I know that a lot of people dream of doing that, but I feel like I'm a very motivated person, and I'm willing to do what it takes to learn the skills. I'm a busy person, and I have a lot of other things going on, but if you don't start now, it's not going to happen.

The author, consultant and Harvard professor talks about the impact of her work and her plans to make some noise. Next Article -- shares link Add to Queue. Terry Rice. March 11, 5 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

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Webb, the CEO of the Future Today Institute, explains her methods.

A woman with 7 income streams explains why it's one of the best things you can do for your career

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dorie clark net worth

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